Hasselback Chicken

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As much as we love go-to dinners like chicken cutlets, you can get pretty easily bored by the same meal over and over. There’s only so many times you can make your famous lemon pepper chicken before you and your family start to get anxious for a fresh, new meal. The only problem is fresh, new meals usually require a lot of extra time, work, and ingredients. And on a busy weekday night that is just NOT in the cards. Well, we have a fun spin on your regular chicken breast dinner that’s a simple, cheap, and delicious upgrade! Introducing your new weekday favorite: hasselback chicken.

This hasselback chicken is so good! The smell of it cooking is enough to make your mouth water.

If you’re looking for something different, this is a great idea. It’s simple yet flavourful with a little bit of kick thanks to the cajun seasoning in it.

It only has a few ingredients so it’s easy to prepare. You can switch out the spinach for broccoli, if you prefer.

If you don’t like spicy foods just use less cajun seasoning. It will still be quite tasty.

Another way to switch it up is to use a different kind of cheese than monterey jack or use your favorite variety of breadcrumbs.

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