Piña Colada Fluff Salad

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This EASY to make, sweet and delicious tropics inspired Piña Colada Fluff Salad, with pineapple and coconut, only takes 5 minutes to prepare and serves 8!

I recently made a tropical inspired Piña Colada Fluff Salad, with crushed pineapple, shredded coconut, rum extract and miniature marshmallows as a side dish… and my husband and I can’t stay out of it, grabbing a spoonful here and there…because it is sooo incredibly good! Bonus? IT ONLY TAKES 5 MINUTES TO MAKE!

When I first showed this piña colada fluff salad to my husband, he didn’t seem too thrilled since he’s not much of a pineapple and coconut kind of guy. But… and that’s a BIG but… after he took a taste of it, he took another bite, said it was “refreshing”, then took another bite and then another!

You get the picture! He ended up absolutely LOVING this sweet taste of the tropics “dessert” salad, that is made in about 5 minutes! Can you believe it? Yep. Only takes 5 minutes to make this delicious dish! How’s THAT for a real timesaver!?

I can’t vouch for it’s “healthiness” (ha ha… who am I kidding?), but I can absolutely vouch for it’s “amazingness”! Delicious!

Here’s the cast of characters: crushed pineapple, miniature marshmallows, shredded coconut, whipped topping, rum extract, chopped nuts, and vanilla pudding mix. Yep.

Trust me, this salad is fantastic! And it’s SO EASY to make in 5 minutes. Here’s what you do…

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