SALTED CARAMEL CHEESECAKE….this is the BEST & so easy to make!

* Ingredients :

° 700 grams Philadelphia

° 150 grams of sour cream

° 3 eggs

° 1/2 crushed digestive biscuits

° Medium spoon of vanilla

° Two tablespoons of flour

° 0.5 cup brown sugar

° Pretzels “salted biscuit”

° Caramel

° 1 cup sugar

* Steps:

We wrap the cheesecake base with butter paper. In two dimensions we add the biscuit with the butter. After we separate it, we distribute the pretzels and add some grilled caramel

Step 1 image of Salted Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

We mix Philadelphia cheese with sour cream when they combine. Then we add a cup of sugar and then mix the flour and mix and the last thing is eggs and vanilla

Step 2 image of Salted Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

Pour the white mixture on the biscuit and put it into the oven with a water bath at a temperature of 180 for an hour or half an hour, depending on

Step 3 image of Salted Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

Salted caramel sauce: half a cup of brown sugar, half a cup of white sugar, 50 grams of butter, 3/4 cooking cream, one teaspoon of vanilla, salt, two tablespoons of water …. we add butter and sugar Brown, white, and water on a calm fire, and we stir it only when the sugar melts, when it melts, we stir it with a wooden spoon in a circular motion, so that I make sure that the sugar melted. Then we add cream and leave it for 6 minutes and cook and then sugar the fire and add vanilla and salt


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