Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

This Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe will be one you make many times. This bread is sinfully good! My guys have no problem jumping in to help when they know I am making pull apart cheesy garlic bread to go with dinner. I very rarely have to do much other than supervise. This bread is great all by itself dipped in marinara sauce

This garlic bread is an easy to make crowd pleaser!

Pull-Apart Garlic Bread


1-2 rolls Grand sized biscuits
1/2 stick REAL butter
garlic powder


1. Cut each biscuit into quarters.
2. Place quartered biscuits in a large bowl.
3. In another small bowl melt butter in the microwave.
4. Add enough garlic and parsley to taste great.
5. Stir seasoned butter mixture. Pour butter over biscuit quarters. Toss until well coated.
6. Place butter coated biscuit quarters in a Bundt pan, piece by piece.
7. Drizzle any left over seasoned butter over the top.
8. Bake at 350 degrees until well browned, about 25 minutes.
9. Place a plate over the Bundt pan and flip.

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