Homemade Samoas Bars

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I look forward to Girl Scout Cookie season every year and I know I’m not alone. Sometimes a girl scout will come along taking orders and other times I anxiously try to find them in front of stores selling them. A week or so ago, I had one come around our neighborhood selling cookies and I was an easy sell.

Growing up, my favorite cookie was a Thin Mint. And I still love them – especially frozen. Plus, there’s more of them in a box. But my dad has always been a Samoa fan. Always.

As I got older, and my tastes refined (because, you know, I’m so refined ? ) I began to be more of a Samoa fan. Now, I will proudly say that I have finished an entire box of Samoa’s in one sitting before. Of course it was a while ago. A younger version of myself was allowed to do that. Now, I have to try very hard to restraint myself. I mean, they only come once a year! Why can’t I indulge a little?

But now that I have these bars, I can make Samoa Cookies any time I want! These bars taste just like the real thing! They are so darn good!

Fortunately, my dad was in town when I made them. I figured the master of Samoa eating should get to try them. Only fair, right?

Well, he was naughty. I clearly can’t keep him in the kitchen while baking. He wants to steal everything before it’s done. There were several things that had already been completed and photographed, but he wanted the things I was currently baking.

To make the bars, you first make the crust. It’s your basic shortbread crust, which goes great in these cookies. The crust is covered with melted caramel and toasted coconut. Once all that cools, they are cut into bars and dipped into chocolate. I added a drizzle on top just to finish them off.

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