Good Morning Sunshine Breakfast Patty Melt!

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Sunday morning breakfast at my Uncle Joe’s house was always the best. After church we would all meet over there and he would make us a nice meal and then the kids would go play outside while the adults drank their coffee and visited.

These relaxing days were the ones I looked forward to the most of all through the whole week. Not only did I love playing on the country side, the meals were always amazing.

One day he made us these patty melt sandwiches and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was like having a hamburger…but for breakfast! You can’t often do that as a young kid, or even as an adult.

I found a similar recipe on The Pioneer Woman not that long ago, and I couldn’t wait to try it out for my husband. He loves hamburgers so I knew he would fall in love with these too.

He had three sandwiches the first time I made them! My kids each had one too and gobbled them right up. Now I make these fairly regularly for breakfast and for other meals throughout the day. They’re always a huge hit.

These are so easy and affordable to make, I often make them on busy weekday mornings when I have a few extra minutes. My kids can grab them and take them on the go and I’m so happy knowing that they are getting a good breakfast to start out their day. You can prepare the patties ahead of time and then fry them up when you’re ready to eat. They are done in less than 30 minutes! Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at The Pioneer Woman:

“Suddenly my scrambled eggs & toast seems so boring… maybe i’ll adapt this recipe into a Lunch Patty Melt.”

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