Chinese Chicken Salad With Crunchy Ramen Noodles

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My partner’s & my favorite cole slaw! We’ve made it probably 10 times, and I’ve perfected it to our low-fat low-calorie diet.

(1) Most importantly I only use 1/4 cup oil and always cold-pressed (chemical-free) extra virgin olive oil (which is such a good fat for you raw); honestly sometimes I use even LESS and this slaw is still great with some extra spices. In order to have enough dressing, though, I add 1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce and 1/4 cup brown or dijon mustard.

(2) Splenda or Stevia work great instead of sugar if you’re into that (and 3 Tbsps is plenty).

(3) Good spices include lots of fresh-ground ginger root, fresh minced garlic, salt & pepper, a dash of cayenne pepper, and/or even garam masala indian spice blend if I’m feeling exotic. This is a lot of the stuff probably found in the ramen seasoning packet but without the preservatives.

(4) FIBER CEREAL! instead of ramen noodles. The day I realized I could make this salad even more guilt-free without the processed ramen was a glorious day: using fiber cereal (the little sticks) to add the crunch is great. I do toast them (and the almonds & sunflower seeds), but you don’t need to use any oil to do it –just keep an eye on them every 30 seconds!

(5) You can cut the amount of almonds in half too –there’s still plenty of crunch!

LOVE this cole slaw, and these healthy modifications make it taste just as great as the original with probably 60+% less fat (56g/serving to ~20g). ?

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