Best Homemade Mexican Rice

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Mexican Rice Recipe Tips

This Mexican rice is slightly on the dry side, like in restaurants which is exactly how I like it. It doesn’t turn out wet, clumpy and sticky like some homemade Mexican rice recipes can be. The secret is all in the way that you cook it.  Mexican rice needs to be fried in oil and browned BEFORE you add the chicken broth and tomato sauce.  As a result, the rice really absorbs the flavors yet has the perfect consistency.  My other tip is to mix in the chopped cilantro after cooking.  If you add it before, the cilantro gets brown in color and wilted.  When you toss it in after, it stays green and fresh looking.

Authentic and Easy Mexican Rice Reviews

My husband is very picky about his Mexican rice.  He had a family friend growing up that made the most amazing and authentic Mexican food.  I could see he was skeptical that this rice would not be as good as his friend’s Mexican rice, but to his pleasant surprise this was just as good if not better!  This is his new favorite way to make it.  We have made it several times since.

We have had so many rave reviews from people who have made and loved this rice recipe. You can read them all in the comments below. This is one of my favorites from a fan named Patty, “I am a Puerto Rican woman married to a hard core Mexican man. I’ve tried just about every recipe available for this rice and it never quite worked. I made this today and IT’S PERFECT!!  This is the way my MIL makes it. It is as authentic as it can get!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the recipe I will make my family from now on.”

I mean, you can’t get a much higher compliment than that!

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